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Maybe inherited from the theater, I hold a strong physical relation to painting _ as a movement, a presence, and a dance. It is a process-oriented work. I live painting as a sensory and sensual activity. It is this sensuality that leads me to explore with different textures. It is reaching out to another body _ finding or missing an encounter, a response, a resistance.  

I need to build in order to destroy so to renew and discover. Everything is because of what has been _ around, beside, before, underneath. Painting is my attempt to capture the ephemeral in being, in a visceral way. It is my escape in a space outside-of-concepts, and yet holds a reflection about time and becoming.

Painting is my reality away from reality, away from fixed categories, from what we are used to see or what we should be seeing. Most of my titles come from philosophy: either a word, a fragment, or a philosophy book. It is a play between leaving concepts behind and placing them upfront, as if they could inform us about what is happening in the painting. Maybe an intellectual residual... or just a preference for some absurdity and contradiction. I stand by the philosophical school of anti-intentionalism. What I meant to do or to say is there in the work. And it is of little importance. What matters is the result, and how it may affect you or not. 

Nothing is planned in my work. I need to be in this space where anything can happen, colors appear, colors disappear. It could be thought as a form of madness and in a sense it is. It is an abundance, an exceeding, a too much and too little. Maybe because of that, this is my way of celebrating life, and that’s the closest I can get to beauty.

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